Real-time DIL driving simulation software

FASTLAP is a real-time driver-in-the-loop driving simulation software for engineering. It is focused on offering solutions to the fields of motorsports, vehicle dynamics development and research. FASTLAP is currently being used for racing simulations and driver training by leading companies in Europe.

FASTLAP encompasses solutions for a broad range of applications. This page performs only a general products and services description. More detailed and case-specific information must be requested using the contact information provided on this site.

Application-specific solutions

FASTLAP is designed to be adapted to special requirements. Highest driving simulation profiles usually require running custom vehicle models, multi-channel optically correct off-platform projection operating in synchronization with a motion system, integration with specific hardware such as real steering wheels, and integration with other software, such as telemetry monitors, in order to adapt to a workflow or improve simulation productivity.

FASTLAP integrates a plugin architecture to meet these and other requirements. An SDK and a support plan are supplied with FASTLAP, allowing in-house development of simulation environment extensions through the plugin architecture. Study and development of client-specific solutions is also offered as a service.

Vehicle model integration

It is possible to replace most aspects of the simulation with in-house or third-party models. FASTLAP is endowed with a native vehicle model, which can be tuned or completely replaced with custom models.

The FASTLAP SDK includes a full working sample vehicle model. Its source code can be used as starting point for building new models or as reference for the integration of other models. Model integration and development are also offered as a service. There are specialized companies developing and licensing high quality vehicle dynamic models for FASTLAP.

Track development

The track development service is offered in conjunction with our partners. Modeling parameters, such as surface accuracy or graphic detail level, can be adjusted depending on profiles and the special needs of each case. There is also the possibility of migrating into FASTLAP tracks and vehicles from other simulation environments.

FASTLAP is delivered with additional tools. There are easy-to-use racetrack and urban scenario generation tools, useful when custom road patterns and layouts are required. An off-line telemetry solution is also supplied.

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