Driving simulation software

FASTLAP is a driving simulation software solution for engineering. It focuses real-time driver-in-the-loop simulations, typically used in motorsports, vehicle dynamics development and research. FASTLAP is currently being used as simulation solution by companies around the world.

FASTLAP encompasses solutions for a broad range of applications. This page performs only a general products and services description, where as we usually prefer to be involved in the simulation engineering area with our clients. We recommend to contact us through the information in the contact section.

Application-specific solutions

Highest driving simulation profiles usually require running custom vehicle physics models, multi-channel projection synchronized with a motion system, integration of specific hardware (such as real steering wheels), integration with other software (such as warping & blending solutions or telemetry monitors), simulation of ADAS sensors and more.

FASTLAP integrates a plugin architecture to meet these and other requirements. The FASTLAP SDK allows users to develop simulation environment customizations and extensions through this plugin architecture. Simulation engineering and development of custom solutions are also offered as a service.

Vehicle model integration

FASTLAP includes its own vehicle physics model and a collection of vehicles. These vehicles and the physics model can be easily tuned by adjusting parameters.

However, it's possible to partially or completely replace the vehicle physics model, like most aspects of the simulation, with custom or third-party models through the FASTLAP SDK. There are specialized companies developing and licensing high quality vehicle physics models for FASTLAP.

Track development

Tracks can be generated in several ways: development, migration and using the track generation tool.

The track development service is offered in conjunction with our partners. Modeling parameters, such as surface accuracy or graphic detail level, can be adjusted depending on needs. Typical data sources for track development are GIS, CAD and scanning. For a full scenario, including surrounding environment, is usual to combine several sources. The data can be provided by a client, but this is not a requirement.

There is also the possibility of migrating into FASTLAP tracks and vehicles developed for other simulation environments or in custom formats. Most common simulation software formats are supported, as well as anything that can be turned into a standard format.

FASTLAP is provided with an easy-to-use racetrack and road scenario generation tool, useful to develop custom road patterns and layouts when high fidelity is not a requirement.

FASTLAP is delivered with additional tools, like a telemetry solution.

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